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Photography and Visual Culture Research Platform

Founder director: Ana Catarina Pinho

Archivo is an independent research platform dedicated to reflecting on photography and visual culture through research, editorial and curatorial activities. Perceiving history as a resource for alternative narratives, Archivo Platform engages in an in-depth understanding of photographic practice as well as its impact in knowledge production. It defines itself through a series of annual projects developed through an interdisciplinary research network that contributes to traverse different disciplines and foster theoretical, practical and critical interventions, creating links between scholarship, artistic and cultural practices.

These collaborations are presented through the production of different content and events such as an open access journal, publications, an international conference, and speakers series.

Founded in 2012, by Ana Catarina Pinho, Archivo Platform maintains collaborations with research centres and holds institutional partnerships that host different events organised by Archivo and facilitate spaces for the development of research and curatorial activities, public meetings and other exchanges that welcome diverse audiences to join.

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