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Andrejs Strokins, Ilze Vanaga, Reinis Hofmanis (Latvia)

Ahmet Can Boyan, Cemil Batur Gökçeer, Sevim Sancaktar (Turkey)

Ana Catarina Pinho, André Príncipe, Tiago Casanova (Portugal)

Hallgerdur Hallgrimsdottir, Heida Helgadottir, Valdis Thor (Iceland).

The project ‘Visual Narratives: European Borderlines’ (2011-2012) brought together 12 young photographic artists from four countries in the ‘corners’ of Europe - Latvia, Turkey, Iceland, Portugal – implementing a one-year project on the common subject of ‘borderlines’. Each of the twelve photographers worked in their home country and one of the other participating countries. The participants – 3 from each country - were chosen in an open call from over 100 applications in spring 2011. The selection was based on the idea of creating a diverse dynamic in terms of age, experience and photographic practice.

The subject, ‘European Borderlines’, was left open to the individual interpretation of the participants - from the geographical border of place as seen in Tiago’s, Catarina’s and Andrejs’ work; to the diarist approach of André and Hallgerður; from the typography of Reinis, the conceptual works on identity of Valdis and Sevim, to the personal and psychological borders in the work of Batur and Ilze; Can’s oblique research into the notion of home, and finally, Heiða’s expressions of happiness. Taken together, they have managed to explore a whole range of complex and layered notions of borders around identity, memory, myth, nature, urbanization, territory, the conscious and subconscious.

Organized by ISSP (Lv)

Partners GAPO (Tk), Maioclaro (Pt) and Icelandic Contemporary Photography association

The project is funded by cooperation grants from European Cultural Foundation and Open Society Institute Arts and Culture Program, and co-financed by the partners.

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