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Rethinking history in the play-spaces of pictures

In: Mythologies, Identities and Territories of Photography: Forever//Now.

Edited by Gemma Marmalade and Philip Harris. United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars, 2020.

This book brings together essays by both experienced and emerging researchers, photographic artists, and curators exploring themes such as ethnicity, gender, materiality, the archive, memory, age, national identity, and technologies, with several papers discussing creative responses to the UK’s departure from the European Union. In addition, it includes a paper by Martin Barnes, Senior Curator of Photography at the Victoria and Albert Museum, on the work of industrial photographer, Maurice Broomfield.

The book will appeal to students, academics, photographic artists, curators, and those with an interest in art, photography, photographic history and theory. It includes black and white illustrations throughout, alongside a generous selection of colour plates, including portfolios by photographers Craig Easton, for the project SIXTEEN, and the works of industrial photographer Maurice Broomfield.

ISBN: 1-5275-6339-1

ISBN13: 978-1-5275-6339-1

Release Date: 17th December 2020

Pages: 369

Price: £64.99


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