© Ana Catarina Pinho, Reimpressions, 2020-ongoing.

Unknown photographer, circa 1945. From the artists photography collection.

© Ana Catarina Pinho, Reimpressions, 2020-ongoing. Video-installation.

Reimpressions is the first chapter of a wider investigation on photographic images and their relationship to memory, representation and discourse. This ongoing visual essay explores vernacular photographies and its potencial towards reframing pre-established categories, knowledge regimes and discursive reconstructions.

Reimpressions was commissioned by the research project Peace Videography, which aims at investigating how images can contribute to peace. Peace Videography is a project led by Dr. Frank Möller and Rasmus Bellmer and developed within the Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI), at Tampere University, in Finland, with the support of Kone Foundation.