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Interdisciplinary Symposium on Photography and Visual Culture

Convener: Ana Catarina Pinho

Reframing the Archive is an interdisciplinary symposium presented annually and dedicated to the discussion and reflection on photography and visual culture. The different editions of the symposium link to the subjects explored at Archivo Platform and published at Archivo PapersJournal, through its Research Network, while working as the annual encounter of its community.

The symposium brings together scholars, researchers and artists in exploring subjects of great relevance in contemporaneity, whose contributions traverse both theory and visual practice thus fostering rich and stimulating sessions.

Reframing the Archive offers a parallel program of events including exhibitions, film screenings, artist talks, as well as educational activities such as workshops and masterclasses. Not limited to the audience who attends the event, Reframing the Archive engages with a wider audience through an online channel streamed worldwide.


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