RE/FRAMING THE ARCHIVE — Image Counter Image


Research Seminar, 2019

Portuguese Center of Photography, Porto, Portugal


RE/FRAMING THE ARCHIVE: Image Counter Image aimed to continue the discussion initiated in the first seminar (Image, Time, Memory, 2018), delving into the dynamics between visual culture, archive, memory and history, through collaboration with researchers and visual artists. This edition of the seminar was focused on the Portuguese historical past by approaching the imperial imaginary through events of the dictatorship and the colonial context.


Cristina Baldacci

José Maçãs de Carvalho

Susana de Sousa Dias

Paulo Mendes

Ana Janeiro

José Santos Maia

Catarina Simão


Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), Portugal

Institutional Partners

Portuguese Centre of Photography (CPF)

Fernando Santos Art Gallery, Porto, Portugal

Coordinator / Artistic director

Ana Catarina Pinho

Production assistant

Andrés Pachón

Advisory council

Professor Mark Durden | eCDR, University of South Wales, United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Paula Ribeiro Lobo | IHA-FCSH Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal


Natacha Suéli Pereira

Filipa Sampaio