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ABOUT — "The Middle Sea" focuses on the complexities of the migration crisis within the Mediterranean Sea. Through collaboration with migrants from diverse backgrounds, this work delves into the social and political contradictions that define this crisis. In an effort to amplify marginalized voices, the artist draws inspiration from personal experiences and encounters with migrants, offering visibility to the crossings and journey experiences of those directly affected individuals, thereby giving tangible form to their struggles. A central piece of "The Middle Sea" is a large-scale suspended double-screen installation that merges video fragments of the Mediterranean Sea. Through images of crashing waves and turbulent currents, the installation symbolizes the tensions and contradictions shaping the region. Complementing the video installation is a three-dimensional glass piece constructed from migrants' traced journeys across the sea. By juxtaposing these routes with official political borders of Europe, the piece challenges viewers to confront the realities of migration and acknowledge the personal experiences and shared humanity that transcends geographical boundaries. — Commissioned work for the XVIII Biennale of young creators of Europe and the Mediterranean. Project developed with the collaboration of Dimora d'Abramo and ADFP Foundation. ​ EXHIBITIONS — XVIII Mediterranea Biennale, Albania, 2018. Curated by Danielle de Luigi. — Fotografia Europea Festival, 2019. SpazioU30Cinque, Reggio Emilia, Italy. —

The Middle Sea, 2018.

Installation views at the XVIII Biennale of young creators of Europe and the Mediterranean. Tirana, Albania

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