© Ana Catarina Pinho, Travel of No Return #1 (diptych), 2018

(left) Inkjet print on photographic paper, 150cm x 115cm | (right) Inkjet print on photographic paper, 15cm x 20cm

Archival source: FOTOGRAFIA TOSTE - Instituto Cultural de Ponta Delgada/Coleção Fotográfica Digital. ​São Miguel, Azores

still frame seq 2.tif
still frame seq 1.tif

© Ana Catarina Pinho, Travel of No Return #2, video stills, 2018

Audiovisual installation in 2 channel video, HD, P/B, mono sound, loop

Archival source: Arquivo Coronel Afonso Chaves - Coleção Museu Carlos Machado, São Miguel, Azores

Photography moves in time without a fixed place. Its untimely quality asks for a constant reframing of the many times it holds and, therefore, for our own projection and understanding of the past through narrative, memory and repetition. In a relation between the experience of place and a revisiting of its past images, this work explores image and its own temporality, fixed in an immeasurable present. In this long and immobile travel of no return we enter an experience enabled only by images in order to explore the possibilities and limits of our own reality.