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02-04 NOV 2021
European University at Saint-Petersburg
Saint Petersburg, Russia


"Between Myth and Memory: Visual practices reframing historical narratives"

In 2018 the international conference “History and Its Images”, organized by the Department of Art History of the European University at St. Petersburg, was dedicated to Francis Haskell’s seminal book of the same title, which greatly influenced the study of the visualization of the past. In 2021 we will host a second conference on the representation of the past in the arts and visual culture. Among the questions to be discussed are: how the visuals art and visual culture produce images of the past, how these images were perceived by the different communities and how they were transformed by the national context of their production.


Organizing Committee

Ilia Dorontchenkov, Catherine Phillips, Natalia Mazur, Vladimir Lapin, Anna Korndorf, Evgeniy Anisimov, Jean-Frédéric Schaub, Maria Chukcheeva


The conference is supported by The French-Russian Research Center for Social Sciences in Moscow.


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