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05 NOV 2021


Artistic research poses challenges to conventional methods and practices of science, stimulating the search for its own languages and methodologies. Through this conversation, artists and researchers who use their artistic practice as investigation contribute to the mapping of the current panorama of artistic investigation and its specificities, as well as challenging different relationships with other areas of reflection.

SPEAKERS: Ana Catarina Pinho, Ana Carvalho, Joana Pestana, João Leal, Horácio Marques

MODERATION: Simone Tuzzo, Universidade da Maia / CITEI

VENUE: ESMAD | Auditório Luís Soares (ALS)

Photography archives are more than just collecting, writing about and curating. Photography archives are collections of photographic material and the accompanying documentation that contextualizes, explains and / or describes it. Recent global discussions confirm that archives are responsible for major changes in many discourses – institutional, educational, historical, etc. They provide necessary impulses for networking and raise awareness about the urgency to protect those still undetected, not yet announced, while encouraging new knowledge through continuous research and interpretation. Archives are inevitable in critical thinking on how the past has impacted our contemporary moment. Photographic archives are important cultural testimony and can be used for the promotion of history as well as its reconsideration, for the establishment of civilizational values which have been threatened throughout history. This is especially emphasised in the case of women photographers, who have been predominantly left out of the collecting discourse.


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